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Friday, 11 October 2013

Wine label designs for Bottle Bazaar

Being a wine lover (!) I had the opportunity for the best job ever recently when Bottle Bazaar asked me to create some designs for various occasions to be used on bespoke wine labels! 

The idea is you can pick your wine and design (or get an illustrator, like me to create a bespoke design, to be launched soon), and can add your own message/name on the bottle too. Makes a great gift! 

Some of the designs I created for them:

My beautiful stag design on the bottle itself:

This is a truly happen moment for me! Wine and illustration combined . . . 

I have a few more designs up my sleeve, you can check out more designs on their facebook page (website is still being worked on), and i'll let you know when you can start ordering!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Work Catch up - Children's book samples!

Its been a while since ive posted, mostly due to the large amount of work im doing and also the amount of work in progress that i cant actually show yet!!

So here are a few guys i created in the last few months for certain children's book pitches, that sadly didnt make the cut :-( But i still love them.

This was a book cover sample for a story about a kid called Sam who gets to spend the day at work with his dad . . .  who just happens to be a firefighter! Would have been a fun one to illustrate me thinks  . . . 

These guys are so cute! At least they can have their day on the blog!