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Monday, 9 April 2012

The Big Egg Hunt!

If you have been wandering around London recently, you may have noticed beautiful giant eggs popped up in various locations! 'The Big Egg Hunt' was set up to raise money for charity, with over 200 eggs designed by artists, illustrators, designers, jewelers etc and scattered all around central London, also hoping to break a Guinness World Record for the most people involved in an egg hunt!

(I apologize in advance for a photo heavy post!)
I managed to spot a few out and about, and caught up with the rest in Covent Garden yesterday, where they are on display until tonight. 
There are some beautiful eggs, as well as the brilliant Wally, who has spent the weeks traveling out and about every day, for everyone to spot, the big question - 'Wheres Wally??"

You also have the chance to win Wally by buying a raffle ticket, fingers crossed he may be coming home with me later! 

Some of the eggs I spotted around central London:

This beauty was found in the basement of Fortnum and Masons:

I spotted this egg by Rob Ryan in Selfridges:

I caught up with these ones at Covent Garden:

Front and back view for this egg:

This egg was amazing, using heat technology (?) on touch when it warmed up it revealed written message beneath! 

 I tried my best to catch a picture, it was very hard as it didnt stay revealed too long!

Front and back view:

Front and back view:

This egg was very mysterious, you had to look through the hole to see inside, but Im too short to reach! If anyone knows whats in there let me know!

Alongside the eggs there is also a pop-up shop, selling bits and pieces such as mugs and canvas bags, as well as showing some of the more fragile, special eggs.

Humpty Dumpty was signed by William and Kate apparently!

Downstairs is a secret lair with the kookist eggs in my opinion!

But how cute is this guy?!

Mmmm abit scary . . . 

Beautiful Breakfast!

Always a Goldern Egg:

This egg is suspended from the ceiling, and the colours underneath change constantly, the picture doesnt do it justice, it is really very mesmerizing to watch!

It has broken the world record for biggest egg hunt, and was an amazing project with some beautiful looking eggs, and even more fun to spend time finding them hidden in their locations! 
There were lots more that I didnt get to see, including some of the very expensive ones, never mind!

If you get chance, they are still around until tonight, or check them out on the website.

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