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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Jacques Townhouse Event

It seems like I have only posted work for such a long time, but in the mist of hard working I have had time to get out and about! Now I have the joys of weekends off I have been making the most of them and this previous Sunday was no exception!
I managed to get tickets for the Jacques Townhouse event in West End and although I had no idea what wonders it would hold I wasnt disappointed! 

Me and one of my besties headed out on a beautifully sunny evening (a brief glimpse of summer!) to the townhouse located just past Oxford Circus and was greeted with beauty before we had even set foot in the door. 

(My bestie Nichola, looking very sunkissed! You should check out her blog, very girly!)

Upon entering the townhouse, you enter a wonderfully decorated foyer, complete with butlers and maids all playing their part very well. The aim of the evening is to enjoy a girly evening of pampering and Jacques, which is a perfect combination in my book! 

Playing their parts well, we were handed a key to the bar, which provided 2 free glasses of Jacques!

We were then escorted to various rooms in the townhouse, each one beautifully decorated and filled with great girly experiences! Me and the bestie hit the beauty room first, where you could enjoy various pampering, such as having your hair done (me!), having your nails or make done, or getting a massage (have never seen my bestie more relaxed than with this choice!).

After this we decided some munchies were needed, so headed upstairs to the banquet hall, where we decorated cupcakes (and sneakily ate sweets yum yum!) to our hearts content, all with our glasses of Jacques by our sides!

After passing through the bar (which had a HUGE pile of cute cushions!):

we headed to the dressing up room, where there were rails and rails of various clothes, wigs, accessories and props for people to dress up in, and have their picture taken by a photographer from Vogue (his name escapes me sorry!).
We didnt stay here too long as it was so busy, so no pics!
But instead we made our way out to the Enchanted Garden, which was like something from Alice in Wonderland, beautifully decorated and with fresh popcorn on hand!

Strawberry Popcorn no less!

Sadly our few hours in the townhouse flew by and soon it was time to go back to the world, but not without a goodie bag (yay!) containing a bottle of Jacques (what else?!) and a lovely canvas bag with a wonderful illustration of the townhouse and its magical rooms!

It was such a great evening, so relaxing and fun, so a big thank you to the wonderful people who played their parts so well!

Apparently its been held for the last few years, so im deffo on the look out for next years invite!

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