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Monday, 14 February 2011

The Little Epic Zine!

Im so excited to reveal a little project Ive been working on the last few weeks, as part of a collaboration of writers and illustrators started by the wonderful Katie Green of Green Bean (you may remember I did a post on her wonderful zines that I ordered several issues of, which you can re-see HERE).

Katie and her sister Jemma have started a new zine that involves many creatives, and I was asked to contribute some illustrations for several poems (written by Lauren Addicott)! Although Im still finishing up the artwork, I can show you the Cover which is completed!

Hopefully it will be out at the beginning of March, once everything is finished up more news will follow! Its such a great little project, which would be great to see more of, and I cant wait to see the finished zine!

Many Thanks to Jemma and Katie for asking me to get involved!

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