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Monday, 24 January 2011

Sketchbook:The Book PREVIEW EXCLUSIVE!!

As Ive mentioned a while back, Im currently working as a freelance illustrator for Sketchbook, and part of this is creating the first book all about the rise of Sketchbook. Its been a hard slog, but Im pleased to say I can finally give you an exclusive sneak peak at what Ive produced!

With the help of my newly appointed writer Sophie Amono (I think ive blogged about her before, as she completed an interview about me for her blog! Shes a brill writer and defo worth a read check her out!), Ive been working on spreads for the chapter about the first issue of the magazine. 

These pages form the '5 Mins With . . . ' sections, interviews that Sketchbook have completed with an array of different people, from illustrators, to fashion bloggers to photographers.

 These pages showcase the magazine.

'The Fashion Cupboard', created by the Sketchbook team to house all the samples sent to Sketchbook and used in the various shoots for the blog.

The Press Pages. 
Sketchbook is keen on blogging about everyone, and in return get blogged by them!

These pages tell all about the theme of the magazine, and the completion of the cover by John-Paul Thurlow.

I totally love these pages, and cant wait to crack on with the rest of the book. There's 17 chapters in all, so plenty for you to read!

All comments are greatly appreciated, and you can head over to the Sketchbook Facebook page for more info!

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