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Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Greatest thing on Earth . . . . Almost!

I just had to do a blog post about this little beauty as soon as I descovered it, as for an illustrator especially, it is something of a little godsend!!

Introducing the 'Pen Roll'. 
At first glance perhaps you cant see why I love this little piece of material. Until . . . 

Ta Da! 
The creation of Michael Ruthenbury, the pen roll can be attached to sketchbooks via a velcro strip underneath, and can hold your pens/pencils (and lipgloss!!) on your sketchbook! Brilliant! Why hasnt someone thought of this before?
I discovered the pen roll while at the Sketchbook studio one day, as they had interviewed Michael and where doing a blog post about it (which you can read HERE). So naturally as soon as the samples were in I grabbed one!

Its a great little tool. I tend to carry my sketchbook alot, but hate carrying around a pencil case too, and often find myself digging around in my bag looking for various loose pens or pencils. With the Pen Roll, they are there where I need them. I also think people who go on drawing trips would find it quite handy too.
Its made from sturdy cloth, much like canvas, and has pen holes on both sides:

(taken from Pen Roll website)

Sketchbook picked up theirs from the Sunday Upmarket, The Old Truman Brewery, where Michael had a stall, but they can also be brought from the website in various sizes 

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