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Friday, 17 September 2010

Edu-Play Theatre images

So these last few weeks I've been working on a really great project with the lovely Laura and Lisa of Edu-Play Theater. They are a touring theater company that visit schools and put on performances about historical topics to aid education. They are re-doing their website and asked me to produce several images for the plays they are producing at the moment.

The first is in production at the moment and is about the great nurse Florence Nightingale. Narrated by her beloved pet owl Athena, they tell the story of her work and travels to help the wounded of the Crimean War.

Here you can see the image on their website.

The second is still being written, and is about Famous Inventors . . . . 

I loved working on these images and having to learn a thing or two while doing research! Cant wait to produce some more for their up-coming performances.

You can check out the Edu-Play Theater and what they do HERE.

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