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Monday, 27 September 2010

Eat me Magazine

One of the commissions ive been working on these last few weeks was for Eat Me Magazine,  a funky publication all about food (my fav topic yum yum!). I created illustrations for one of their spreads featuring several articles, and was a pleasure to create for! 
The september issue has just been released so now i can show you the images.

This image went with an article about choosing wines to go with certain deserts.

This image was for an article about the amount of different beers brewed around the world (quite alot if your interested!). I originally made the image with a banner, but for the spread they used it without, so as not to confuse with type.

This image was to go with an article about the history of cider, which apparently originated from the Egyptians!
And here are the images in the magazine.
I loved working on these images as it was fun to learn about alcohol! 
The magazine is pretty good as well, this months cover is Gizzi Erskine, (who cooks good food healthy!), and has some really good articles if food is a passion for you. 

You can see more about the magazine HERE.

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