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Thursday, 1 July 2010


I just have to share with you a great little package that the postman delivered me yesterday. I love getting packages! Especially when they have a little hint of the goodies inside (check out the cute cupcake stamp on the envelope!)

Inside were zines I had ordered from an illustrator I have been following for a while, the lovely Katie Green of Green Bean Studio.

These zines are simply beautiful. The Green Bean is a monthly zine put together by Katie (on recycled paper woooo!) and features line drawn imagery as well as written text, making it an enjoyable read!

 These are the first two issues, and the third is currently being created as we speak!
There are some lovely features in the zine such as:


A 'What I Wore Today' section, where Katie has created a drawing each day!
'The Library' section is a nosy insight into the books on her 'to read' list, as well as her 'In Season' section showing a great drawing of what to eat right now!
Oh and patterns to make and do, such as this stripy bunny! 

 The simplicity of the zine is what really makes it so eye catching, and it is deffo worth checking out! 
As well as being a great illustrator, Katie is also a firm believer in vegan baking! 

You can check out her blog from the link below. 

I feel very inspired to start my own zines now, I think thats a new project to start working on!

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  1. Wow Gemma, thank you for such a glowing review - you've given me a smile from ear to ear! I'm so glad they arrived safely and you enjoyed them so much. Your post made my day :)