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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Creative Review Internship

Im very happy to have my copy of this months Creative Review!
I was lucky enough to still be able to do my internship from home owing to my disabled leg (which is recovering nicely!), which, although not as educational as it could have been (i was looking forward to getting a glimpse inside the office!) it was still a learning curve on working on live brief, and tight deadlines! 
So the first step was an article on football (the dreaded World Cup!) and the now infamous Nike advert which shows Rooney as a linesman (great). 

The idea of the image was to show the ying-yang of football, you either love it or hate it! It can also bring out the best or worse in people, and the article goes on to question whether its all part of a commercialism.

The next article was about the return of brainstorming, and how creatives and directors actually hate this concept!

It was good to work on these articles and have the feedback and guidance of the art director Paul, so a thank you again for the experience. Seeing the images in print was great, although the guy in Magma Books gave me a smirky smile, probably thought i was a right nutter!

I would recommend getting yourself a copy, not just for my work but for this issues Illustration Annual, got some great work showcased.

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