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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Sketchbook Auction and Party

So after an eventful week working in the Sketchbook Studio at Carnaby Street (did anyone attend any of the events?? Especially the Smedley Live Illustration event!), as with all good things it must come to an end! And when Sketchbook wrap up an event they really do it in style!

As mentioned before, this sunday (1st August) sees the event party from 6pm-9pm. Not only will there be a live band as well as some cupcakes and drinks, we will be having a slient auction of the work created by the in-house artists during these last 2 weeks!

Here is a preview of the piece I created for the event, so if you want the chance to bid on it, and any of the other work, or just to enjoy the night and meet the Sketchbook team, the place to be tomorrow evening is Kingly Court!

See you tomorrow!

Monday, 26 July 2010

New Job!!

Ive been a bit quite lately, due to some really good news and some recovery time for my leg (which has good days and bad). Im very happy to now be part of the the Sketchbook Magazine Team! I have joined as one of their illustrators, im also happy to announce that im also working with them to put together a book! Exciting!!!
Ive been following them since they started last year, especially since two of my fellow illustrators have done work for them, in particular Annie Driscoll, having a solo exhibition during their pop up shop in Carnaby street (see post HERE).
A beautiful mix of illustration, fashion and photography, Sketchbook magazine is currently working on their 3rd issue, and is doing so at a brilliant studio space in Carnaby street!
(Photos from Sketchbook)

 Moving into Kingly Court for two weeks, they have opened 'behind the scenes' to the public. Spread over 3 floors, for the last week they have had live fashion shoots taking place on the ground floor, Illustrators and Artist creating work for the Launch Show on the basement floor, and the Sketchbook team setting up the office on the 3rd floor to complete the next issue. 

Fashion Shoot
The Office!

The studio is open until this friday, and on sunday we are having a launch party with a silent auction of the work created!

You are welcome to come down, you never know who you may see working away in the studios! 
I'd also like to thank the magazines founder, the lovely Wafa, for giving me this opportunity. Heres to a productive new workship!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Creative Review Internship

Im very happy to have my copy of this months Creative Review!
I was lucky enough to still be able to do my internship from home owing to my disabled leg (which is recovering nicely!), which, although not as educational as it could have been (i was looking forward to getting a glimpse inside the office!) it was still a learning curve on working on live brief, and tight deadlines! 
So the first step was an article on football (the dreaded World Cup!) and the now infamous Nike advert which shows Rooney as a linesman (great). 

The idea of the image was to show the ying-yang of football, you either love it or hate it! It can also bring out the best or worse in people, and the article goes on to question whether its all part of a commercialism.

The next article was about the return of brainstorming, and how creatives and directors actually hate this concept!

It was good to work on these articles and have the feedback and guidance of the art director Paul, so a thank you again for the experience. Seeing the images in print was great, although the guy in Magma Books gave me a smirky smile, probably thought i was a right nutter!

I would recommend getting yourself a copy, not just for my work but for this issues Illustration Annual, got some great work showcased.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Another wonderful package!

I received another great parcel in my post last week!!
I was the lucky winner of a great blog competition run by Dawn over at Lovely Paper Blog.
My wonderful prize - 3 FULL TO THE BRIM packs of different papers!! 
Unless you are a collage/crafty artist, then perhaps my excitement will leave you baffled, but if you are a lover of paper (like me!!) then you will understand my sheer joy at opening each package and gasping in delight at the many different papers i now have the joy to use!

And may i point out that there are no doubles, each pack contains one of each different papers!!
It is most definitely the best competition i have won, and a big thank you to Dawn for her generosity!
I cant wait to work on some good projects worthy of these beautiful papers!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Illustration Friday - Giant

Friday, 2 July 2010

Another baby cardie!

Im still knitting away for my impending godchild who is due in September. I can actually reveal it will be my godDAUGHTER!! Another girl for the family, lots of pink! 
However, I have been working on this little cardie for just when shes born, its a quarter length fit, so doesnt get in the way of her tummy. 
It was knitted differently to how I usually knit jumpers, with this pattern you start all the bits and then add them to one needle and knit the jumper as a whole! But it came out ok, check out the cute little bumble bee button I attached to it:

Really cant wait for her to arrive and see her in these little wonders!!

Thursday, 1 July 2010


I just have to share with you a great little package that the postman delivered me yesterday. I love getting packages! Especially when they have a little hint of the goodies inside (check out the cute cupcake stamp on the envelope!)

Inside were zines I had ordered from an illustrator I have been following for a while, the lovely Katie Green of Green Bean Studio.

These zines are simply beautiful. The Green Bean is a monthly zine put together by Katie (on recycled paper woooo!) and features line drawn imagery as well as written text, making it an enjoyable read!

 These are the first two issues, and the third is currently being created as we speak!
There are some lovely features in the zine such as:


A 'What I Wore Today' section, where Katie has created a drawing each day!
'The Library' section is a nosy insight into the books on her 'to read' list, as well as her 'In Season' section showing a great drawing of what to eat right now!
Oh and patterns to make and do, such as this stripy bunny! 

 The simplicity of the zine is what really makes it so eye catching, and it is deffo worth checking out! 
As well as being a great illustrator, Katie is also a firm believer in vegan baking! 

You can check out her blog from the link below. 

I feel very inspired to start my own zines now, I think thats a new project to start working on!