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Monday, 21 June 2010

Photos from the Candid Art Mixed Media Show

The show finished yesterday, and was really well turned out. I went to the private view last Thursday and was pleased with the amount of people who were appreciating my work! 
So here are some snaps of the show:

Im very happy that i actually managed to reach my show, as im now able to start learning to walk again! Woooo! So it was a big night for me on all counts!

I also want to thank my friends who came to support me on the night, both with my work and my walking, as well as driving me to the show! It ment a great deal guys!

So thanks to Brenda, Nichola and Chantelle for the laughs! And thank you to Patrick for 'making an effort' and driving me!

If you managed to see the show, what did you think? There was some funky work there, deffo a topic for discussion! 

You can now see the work over on my website!

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