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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Mixed Media Show Invitation + 100th Post + Accident Dilemma

What a great subject to celebrate my 100th post, by inviting you to the Candid Arts Mixed Media show! Wooooo!!

Im very excited about being a part of this, however i have one big dilemma- how i am going to reach there? You see, a few days ago i slipped at work and dislocated my knee, although they put it back in, i now have damaged tendons, fibers blah blah and resigned to a leg brace for the next 6 weeks! Hmmmmm great! It was a good job i framed up most of the work on the morning of the accident otherwise i'd be panicking abit by now!

Also i was ment to start an internship with Creative Review this month, and wonder how i may manage that???

Well, as they say, 'WHEN THERES A WILL THERES A WAY!'

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