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Monday, 31 May 2010

Lady Gaga @ O2 Arena, London

OMG what can I say? Last night I saw the best performance I think I've seen in a while!

I got the chance to see Lady Gaga last night at the O2 arena, although I was slightly disappointed with the venue. It looks pretty good on the outside, but the arena itself was a let down, stage was quite small, and lots of seating, seemed to me when it was constructed that they just had money in mind??

Deffo not Wembley standard, but hey that's just my opinion! However it didn't impede on GaGa's performance at all, which was magnificent. Running through all her songs, including a few unreleased, she showed what made her so different from other pop stars.

We had the kooky costumes:

and she did make sure the sets where quite good, the whole being of the show was that she was trying to make her way to the 'Monster Ball', and one highlight was near the end when she had almost made it but ran into the 'Fame Monster':

But the best part is the thank you that she bestowed on all her fans, taking time to appreciate that it is us that help her along, as well as showing off that she is a born performer, not only with a great voice but great stage presence!

I would recommend seeing her the next time she visits us, it really is an amazing experience! There wasn't a boring moment, and time seemed to wiz by!

And to prove that, I'll end with a video of an unexpected moment when Gaga was talking about her father, and hit us with a great rendition of 'Stand By Me'!

Every single person was singing along, it was fantastic!

So for now, follow this link to a similar one on YouTube:

Gaga Video!

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