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Sunday, 16 May 2010

AOI Cycling Competition

These are a couple of images I've been working on to submit to the AOI's latest competition 'Cycling In London 2010'. The aim was to create an image which showed the environmental and/or health benefits of cycling, or demonstrate cycling as a fun way to get around the city.

The aim of the first image was to show the health benefits, the more you cycling the more your health worries 'drift away'.
The second was to show overall benefits of cycling. I'm trying to experiment with type more so this seemed the perfect way to try and incorporate it into an image. The bike is contrsucted with facts about the benefits of cycling. 

I quite enjoyed putting these images together, especially constructing the city biker dude, it took me all day to put him and his bike together but it was deffo worth it!

They are offering pretty good cash prizes as well for the winners, as well as a showcase exhibition of 50 shortlist. You can see the details HERE
Fingers crossed!

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