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Monday, 19 April 2010

Made in Peckham Project

As promised, I'm posting with my latest commission. 
The Made In Peckham Project was started by Carolina Caicedo who is studying Narrative Environments MA at Central St Martins, and aims to show the hidden gems that are located in the slightly bad reputation area of Peckham, South London. Using illustrations to create fabric textiles, these in turn are to be used by the people of Peckham.  Living on the doorstep of Peckham myself, I was eager to get stuck into a project like this, and although still in design stages, it looks to have a great end result!
The idea of the project was to create illustrations based on a shop, restaurant etc given by Carolina, who had collected pictures, interviews and information about the location. With examples such as a bric-a-brac shop and African restaurant, I was given a church located in an industrial park hidden behind Peckham Rye. 
After reading the interviews with the pastor, I created illustrations based on the church and its meaning, which are now being used to print onto fabrics ready for her degree show and use by the church! How exciting! 
So here are the images I created:

I had great fun working on the images for this project, and as soon as I have images of the textiles I'll post them!


  1. omg gemma i love the last one! seriously want you to do something similar (to put into my dressing room!) to do with that angel ... I LOVE IT!!!!

  2. awww thanks nik they turned out ok didnt they! im glad you like the angel i will deffo do you something for your room! xxx

  3. What an amazing way to combine literature and visuals!