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Monday, 12 April 2010

Beautiful Present - The Incredible Book Eating Boy

I want to share with you an amazing book I received as a pressie from my sister: 
The Incredible Book Eating Boy, Pop up Edition, by Oliver Jeffers.

Its the most amazing Pop-up book ive seen lately, making great use of each page. Hidden away are more pop-ups than ever, each page a new wonder. 
This page for example, holds a mini book (on the left) with pop-ups, and 2 pop-ups on the right.

The mixed media illustrations themselves are a beauty, which just makes this book even more special! 
Ive taken a look at Oliver Jeffers website, and it has quite a bit on there worth checking out.

This book is such an inspiration, makes me want to re-visit paper engineering and work on another book (I created one back when doing my degree as an experiment and it was a pretty good effort, and very fun to create!).

We shall see..... for now im forever immersed in this book, thanks sis!

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