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Thursday, 29 April 2010

'Pick Me Up' Art Fair @ Somerset House

Yesterday I headed down to Somerset House to check out a new exhibtion called "Pick Me Up'. 
Its a great show to go and see, full of work by 20 'up and coming' artists (a full list can be seen on the website HERE), several studios filled with screen printing and working illustrators, workshops, and the main stage occupied by the brilliant Rob Ryan, who has moved his studio and work down there for the entire length of the show! 

Seeing the studio was amazing, as was the surrounding walls filled with work, flyers, postcards, all sorts of inspirational bits and pieces. Makes me really wish I had a studio space as full as his!

Its a great show, entry only £5 and its on until the 3rd May, so not long to get yourself down there. I'd definitely recommend it!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Baby Hoodie

I've just finished another baby creation, this time a hooded cardigan in baby blue.

It looks soo cute, and the little hood looks soo cosy! I want one for myself! 

Sunday, 25 April 2010

PikaLand Community

As a big fan of the Pikaland blog, I was excited when the creator, Amy, launched the Pikaland Community network! 
Its a place for illustrators and artists of all sorts to meet, discuss, inform and all kinds of general things. Its a great way to inspire and meet new people, so head on down and join.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Made in Peckham Project

As promised, I'm posting with my latest commission. 
The Made In Peckham Project was started by Carolina Caicedo who is studying Narrative Environments MA at Central St Martins, and aims to show the hidden gems that are located in the slightly bad reputation area of Peckham, South London. Using illustrations to create fabric textiles, these in turn are to be used by the people of Peckham.  Living on the doorstep of Peckham myself, I was eager to get stuck into a project like this, and although still in design stages, it looks to have a great end result!
The idea of the project was to create illustrations based on a shop, restaurant etc given by Carolina, who had collected pictures, interviews and information about the location. With examples such as a bric-a-brac shop and African restaurant, I was given a church located in an industrial park hidden behind Peckham Rye. 
After reading the interviews with the pastor, I created illustrations based on the church and its meaning, which are now being used to print onto fabrics ready for her degree show and use by the church! How exciting! 
So here are the images I created:

I had great fun working on the images for this project, and as soon as I have images of the textiles I'll post them!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Work in Progress

Just sharing the WIP of my latest baby jumper. This one is going to be a hooded cardigan, and is looking very good so far!

Also, if you remember the first knitted baby hats and mittens I did for my friend having twins (see post HERE), well the good news is they are now in good use as she has had 2 beautiful little girls! Although small, they are doing really well and looking very cute in their knitted garments!
So now awaiting the arrival of my godson (or daughter!) to model these jumpers!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Celebration and News

Yay!! Im celebrating reaching 50 followers!! It may not seem like worth celebrating, but when i started this blog i never thought people would be interested in following my work in progress, and im stoked that so many people do so a big THANK YOU to all 50 of you!

On the news front Ive been working on my first large commission, which i will be able to post soon. Watch this space!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Beautiful Present - The Incredible Book Eating Boy

I want to share with you an amazing book I received as a pressie from my sister: 
The Incredible Book Eating Boy, Pop up Edition, by Oliver Jeffers.

Its the most amazing Pop-up book ive seen lately, making great use of each page. Hidden away are more pop-ups than ever, each page a new wonder. 
This page for example, holds a mini book (on the left) with pop-ups, and 2 pop-ups on the right.

The mixed media illustrations themselves are a beauty, which just makes this book even more special! 
Ive taken a look at Oliver Jeffers website, and it has quite a bit on there worth checking out.

This book is such an inspiration, makes me want to re-visit paper engineering and work on another book (I created one back when doing my degree as an experiment and it was a pretty good effort, and very fun to create!).

We shall see..... for now im forever immersed in this book, thanks sis!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Finished Jumper!!

Im so happy to say I have finally finished my first baby jumper! 

I managed to pick up some cute and simple hexagon buttons in All the Fun of the Fair, in Carnaby street.

Cant wait to see what the little guy looks like in it when finally born!