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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A quick post to let you know about an amazing new venture that is the 'Working Class Awards'. Created by Monsieur Cabinet and Tigz Rice, it aims to giving people (like me!) the chance to be able to enter an awards as they wouldnt usually due to high fees and such. Its free to enter, and a range of work can be submitted, with as many entries as you like. They also have some amazing judges, such as Tom Gauld! 
I think its an amazing idea, and glad someone has managed to create such an exciting venture.
I sent off my entries this morning, sending 6 pieces of work, ranging from some of my new exhibition stuff to a few of my magazine submissions. Fingers crossed! Cant wait to see the winners!

PS: If you want to enter some work, you better be quick as deadline is Wednesday 31st March.


  1. Thanks for sharing hun! I'm scared of these things!!! But will be rooting for you hun!!!
    Annie x