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Monday, 15 March 2010

Kntting Galore

Well, my 2 weeks off is officially over, i must say i do feel very rested and ready to get back to work! So as i go through my inbox and make new work plans, i thought i would share some of my 'crafty' news from the past week.

First up, im delighted to annonce im now the proud owner of a beautful Cath Kidston knitting bag!
My mother noted my pleas on my wish list and decided it made a wonderful easter pressie (dont we just love mums!). I must say its better than i thought, its very spacious:
As you can see, i have several balls of wool, a few pattern sheets and my current knitting project and there is still quite some space! The inside pockets are also holding a few goodies although you cant quite see them in this pic.

I also have a front pocket, which im using to hold my knitting equipment such as spare needles, markers, tape measure etc.
Im in love right now!

So having some time off, ive made a great start on my first baby jumper pattern and quite pleased at how its turning out. 
Its been a learner thats for sure!

But it looks ok! And after seeing this pic the future mummy agrees it looks cute! All i need now is some sleeves.....

Ive already got my next pattern in mind, a hooded jumper this time.

Ive also been crafty enough to make my own little pin cushion, say hello to this cute little fella

Im also excited as this week sees the Stitch and Craft Show at Kensingston Olympia on thurs-sun. 
Ive just seen the floor plan and they have packed 3 floors of knitting, stitching, crafting and all sorts, so i cant wait to head down there (sad i know!). 

So back to work i go .....

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