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Monday, 1 March 2010


A quick post today to express my joy at recieving my first blog award! 
I received The Circle of Friends Award from the lovely Annie over at BIRDCAGES AND BUTTERFLIES. 


I'm so chuffed!

The conditions of accepting this award is that you pass it on to 5 people, and list 5 things i like doing, so here goes:

Being an illustrator, this is an obvious one, but hey i love to create! Wether its images, jewelry, sewing, or expermenting with whatever (my next one is marbling- do you remember doing that at primary school?? I loved it and was fascinated with it, and have just seen a kit in paperchase which is next on my wish list!!).

I could have listed this under crafting, but i love doing it so much now that i think it deserves its own spot! My baby knitting is loved by those who have received it, so much so that i now have more orders in! I find it so therapeutic after a long day at my part time job, and love finishing a creation and seeing cute little babies in my cute little clothes! Also i still have that Cath Kidston Knitting Bag on my wish list..... 

I must say im very lucky to have some great friends. Whenever there is a dull or sad moment, all it needs is a call or text and one (or many!) will be there. I can honestly say there is never a dull moment with any of them, and am thankful everyday for getting the best ones.

I love going to different places (as i write this im also packing for a trip to Malaga wooo!). It doesn't have to be abroad, i love finding new shops, places to eat (im still obsessed with this one place in Kilburn called The Little Bay which is amazing!) and excitment in the weirdest of places (im still in shock at the fun i had with my girls at a CenterParcs resort - who would have thought!)
But abroad is brilliant too, i cant wait to travel to some of the places i have lined up (Egept and Jamaica again to name a few....).

I a hoader. I admit it. I will keep the silliest of things, be it materials to use in my work, the card from a restrant that i loved, a lollipop from a memeroable sea trip arcade adventure, or a poloroid snap (and it has to be a special snap to warrant the poloroid, as im on my last film and its factory is no more sob!). It drives my mum mad but i love seeing all these things on my wall, to me they are happy memories and what is a life without those?

So im going to pass on this award to 5 who i love hearing from and love to know more about!

They are a varity of blogs, each one contribruitng something different to my inspiration. Check them out! 
And a big thank you again to Annie!


  1. Hi Gemma,
    Thanks so much for the award :) I will try to get around to blogging it soon! xx

  2. Oh bless you lovely thank you so much for the award! Yes, I'd love to accept it and will put it on the blog tonight! You little star, thanks for making my day :D

  3. Thank you Gemma!! I'm honored. :)