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Friday, 19 February 2010

More baking and creating!

As my last day off was so creatively productive (see post here) i decided to follow the same plan of action today (also i had buttercream left over and sooo cant waste that!). So this morning started of with me baking some simple cupcakes:

They taste soooo yum! 
I also started work on some valentine card designs. A bit late i know but i plan to enter TigerPrints next competition. Here is a simple design i created to start exploring type:


  1. oh i really like that idea with the star sequins and the newsprint! very effective! also wht type of cakes are they? not butterfly? they look like they have lids. ive ever seen them done like that before!

  2. well spotted they are sort of butterfly cakes! Thats the recipie i used however i just didnt cut the lids in half thought it would look better!
    Im glad you like the card design!

  3. Wow that card is amazing. How clever. I love the sequin star idea. Baking and creating certainly seem to go well together.