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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Baking and Creating!

I know its not illustration, but i thought i would share what i have been up to today, as i think ive filled a rare day off in the best way! 

So after the success of my greeting card designs, ive been taking the time to research more into this topic. Ive spent time looking at other designs, with a few favourites found in PaperChase. Ive also been looking into new materials(such as fabric), looking at scrap-booking and patterns as well.

So forgive me for being a little late, but i finally took myself down to Cath Kidston in Covent Garden.


This is a brand that keeps cropping up in my research, as she has the most beautiful patterns, as well as gorgeous fabric to work with!

Stepping into the shop was like stepping into heaven! Surrounded by the most gorgoeus bags (every woman loves!) and the most lovely knitting and sewing accessories ive already added to my wish list!

First off this lovely knitting bag, big enough to hold all my needles, a pattern (if folded) and wool, its a must to keep my current knitting free of dirt!

Next on my list is this quirky sewing box, its quite big, with a removable tray and sewn-in compartments.

So as well as my crafty research, ive also started baking more! I love making cake, its my fav comfort food, and always fills the house with wonderful smells!
The last cake i made was back in january, when i baked my sister a chocolate chip birthday cake, which i also iced with her name! Although im not sure where the pic of that is......
So today i thought i would bake something again, a friend of mine asked for a coconut cake so there we go! Im not too keen on coconut, so i just made a simple cake and made up some buttercream to put on top which i love!

I have to say it smells really good! So hopefully later i can tuck in and it will taste as fab too!

So with the promise of cake later, im back to the drawing board working on new card designs, and a new TigerPrint submission!


  1. mmm that looks so yum! i love coconut!

  2. Hi there Gemma,
    Lovely CK goodies - there is always so many lovely things in her shops. Makes chosing things so much harder!!
    As for the 'whats in my bag' I was tagged to do it and I think the tag is sort of floating around blogland so you may get tagged. Otherwise you could just do a post on it yourself, show us the contents of your bag and have a look at some of the blog links in my sidebar to be more nosey and see more bags! xxGem