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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Something new. . .

Just wanted to share something slightly different!
A friend is due to have twins in a few months time, and having been learning to knit for a year now felt it was time to put the new skills to good practise! So after raiding the baby patterns in John Lewis, I have started the slog that is knitting for two!! So far, I have finshed 2 sets of booties and mittens, and about to start hats, but thought these looked soo cute I had to share them now! Hopefully she will love them!


  1. aww those are adorable! Well done for havign thr patience to make them, lucky twins!

  2. thank you! anything knitted for babies just looks so cute! hope they love them he he!!

  3. They are too cute. Anything small is just adorable. I'm always surprised at how similar the clothes for the elderly and the very young are very much the same, but stretchy track suits only look really cute on babies!